Guide to Vancouver's Dating Scene
Singles Guide to the Vancouver Dating & Singles Scene

Vancouver can be a difficult place to meet other singles, finding true love, and impressing your date. It can be especially difficult for those who have recently moved here, as Vancouver's atmosphere and culture can be very closed and antagonistic. But don't fret, with a little work it can be done - this city is full of singles looking for a match. facilitates singles connecting with their true love by helping them find local singles groups, singles events, singles clubs and singles activities.
A good place to start is online dating communities. But that can be difficult for men, as the ratio of women to men puts men at a disadvantage. Some thought and research will need to go into crafting a well written ad.

There's also speed dating events... although they can be pricey (anywhere from $40 to $100 per event). However, they're the most efficient way of meeting people, a lot of fun too, and is generally most cost effective than dating sites (because you're guaranteed some face-to-face time with up to 25 singles).

For the more adventurous, there are seduction lairs and social clubs in the city - for those who study the art of meeting and attracting people of the opposite sex. For the uninitiated, seduction is broken down in a very scientific way. Providing research and dating e-books by "gurus", as well as regular group outings by guys (and girls) to meet new people. This is highly recommended, as there's nothing more motivating than seeing someone approach and have success in real life. There's typically a bulletin board where other members post detailed field reports of their outings, outlining what they did and said, for other people to learn from. These lairs are always looking for new members, and they're very good at accepting new people. There's no better feeling than overcoming your fear of approaching, having success, and getting the digits. Do a search on Yahoo for more information. Good luck!